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37.3 -- "Angel" By Aerosmith

37.3 -- "Angel" By Aerosmith

Muse: Mary Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: 334

[ptm] 39.4 - tokio hotel (ready, set, go!)

NOTE: Backdated to August 1st. Stephanie is effiecat and is used without permission but oh SO MUCH love. ;D

Ready, set, go
It's time to run
The sky is changing, we are one
Together we can make it while the world is crashing down
Don't you turn around


“I’m freaking out. Make me not freak out.”

A calm smile touched Channing’s perfectly made up features, smooth and serene beneath the layers of stage makeup and formalwear, but as her hands lifted to fluff her curls, they were visibly trembling. “Stop freaking out.”

“How can I not freak out when Wade Robson is in the audience? Did I mention I think I saw one of the pros from Dancing With The Stars out there?!”

Laughing a little, she turned to Stephanie and moved behind her to help the younger girl finish with arranging her hair around her shoulders. “Effie, baby, it’s all right. This show will rise or fall on its own merit and the merit of the people who made it. For that reason alone, I’ll be content no matter how we do.”

“Then how come you’re shaking?”

.....Collapse )

Muse: Channing Vale
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 462

{tell me your hopes and dreams...}
Ready, set, go  //  It's time to run  //  The sky is changing, we are one  //  Together we can make it while the world is crashing down  //  Don't you turn around  //   Leave it all behind you now  //  The final wall is breaking down  //  We are what it's all about  //  Nothing can stop us now

"Stop it."  Claire cried angrily, wrenching away from the hands that held her.  Sylar was almost startled by the sudden movement and so he didn't fight to hold her in place as she collapsed to the floor in front of him.  Her breathing was ragged and low as she pressed her palms to the floor, her face shielded by a curtain of golden curls as she struggled to stay calm while catching her breath.

"Get up."  Sylar didn't bother to hide his irritation at her, making his tone a bit sharp as he reached down for her but she seemed to guess what he was going to do as she slapped at his hands to get them away from her.  He pulled back at the stinging contact, his eyes narrowing at her but he had to admit that he was pleased by her reaction.  "Claire, get up."

"Screw you."  She spat, turning her head enough to glare at him.  "I'm not your puppet or your toy to just toss around and control whenever you want."

.....Collapse )

WC: 1161
[Tenebrase Nostro!verse]
Being with you is so dysfunctional
I really shouldn't miss you but I can't let you go

Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me, and honestly
My life would suck without you

One wouldn't think the sounds of the city could be soothing at night but they were to Krissie as she lay curled up next to Dy.  She could hear sirens in the distance but she never really worried about them.  They weren't coming for her, as far as she knew, and she knew her family was safe at the moment.  That was all that really concerned her at times.  People really didn't worry about her and so she didn't worry about them, not if they weren't a part of the family that was her own.

Beyond the makeshift haven, the world was noisy but she was content. 

...but you're pretty messed up tooCollapse )
Unafraid, unashamed
There is joy to be claimed in this world

You even might wind up
Being glad to be you


He was almost ashamed to admit that he knew it when she fucked him.

True to her word, right on the kitchen table with a tray of cupcakes in the oven, she squirmed just a little when he slid his hand beneath her shirt to squeeze her breast, winced just a tiny bit. The soft flesh felt different, too, tighter and fuller in his fingers...

She could have been close to her cycle, and yet...he was sure she wasn’t. Her mood wasn’t right, and she just felt different under his hands.

The thought was enough to make him still as he got ready to hand over the blood sample at the hospital...enough to make him grab the chart and add a test before handing it over to his lab tech, a Watcher In Training he trusted.

Gonna laugh my ass off when it comes back negative. Hell, Claire will, too.

That was yesterday...today was today. There was nothing unusual about it except for Claire’s chart. One word had changed everything.


Yesterday was doubt and suspicion...today was the realization of an uncertain future that would either destroy everything or start the course of a life he could have only imagined.

Today was today...and Cain’s girl, his wife of less than a month, was pregnant.

Muse: Cain Callahan
Fandom: BtVS (OC)
Words: 222

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